That 70's show!

Posted on March 13 2019

We are extremely excited for the revival of one of the most fun fashion trends and iconic time periods, the 70s. 70s inspired fashion pieces have graced the runway of fashion favourites such as Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Anna Sui. 

To celebrate the return of the 70s fashion trend we've put together a 70s inspired collection of our own of pieces that are available from Westgate London. We've also put together 5 different 70s inspired outfits for you. 


Loving the 70s style but want to create a more subtle inspired look? We've put together some timeless pieces that can be worn as part of your 70s inspired look or can be worn time and time again with different outfits. The gorgeous Sportsmax tan coat is the perfect shade for different seasons to come, along with a black classic staple bag from Chloe.

View pieces in our collection here


If you are absolutely loving the 70s style and really want to embrace it then this is the outfit for you. Pink flares to metallic gold boots and a all over floral printed shirt is all about the 70s. We've even teamed up some gold accessories to enhance these show stopping gold boots.

View pieces in our collection here 

Need a more sophisticated 70s style look, perhaps for evening wear? We've teamed up some more simple clothing pieces and emphasised this look with incredible accessories. These Saint Laurent boots along with the gold metallic belt from Moschino will make everyone want to jump on the 70s style trend.

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If you are wanting more of an everyday outfit or maybe even one for the office. This will be perfect for you. Smart shirt with stunning high waisted flared jeans and heeled boots. We've gone for some more subtle tones for this look so it's a lot more easily worn day to day. We've also featured one of the new Chloe tote bags so you can fit all your belongings you need for your daily routine. 

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Now here is a 70s style look you can take on holiday with you. If you aren't scared of a bit of colour and really fancy playing with the look then this outfit can do that for you. Matching up some stunning gold accessories with pastel tones you'll be wanting to hit the dance floor and party the night away.

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