Top 20 Women's Fashion Trends For Autumn/Winter 2020

Posted on September 14 2020

It almost seems that we didn’t get much of a summer this year. With the COVID-19 crisis keeping many people at home, we haven’t had much time to show off our summer wardrobe at all. And, now that autumn is almost upon us, it’s time to look forward to the coming season’s fashion trends with the hope that we can enjoy more of the season and show off our true fashion sense.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at 20 fashion trends for autumn/winter 2020 that women should watch for:

Voluminous Doll Dresses- enlarged dresses combine well with tall boots to achieve a winning Autumn/Winter combo.

Pleat And Plow- this Autumn/Winter, you can combine gorgeous-looking pleats with a button-down dress for a classic pleat and plow look.

Metallics- it’s time to incorporate holographic, spacey metallic elements into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. You will begin to see even more of this trend in the later months of 2020.

Colourful Leather- instead of wearing the typical black and brown leathers this Autumn/Winter, why not expand your wardrobe with shades of burgundy, reds, blues, and greens?

Punk- the perfect trend for women who want to look inspired and rebellious this Autumn/Winter.

Houndstooth- contrasting houndstooth motifs could dominate your silhouettes, and women can create an androgynous allure with this trend.

Capes- with capes, today’s women can combine both classic and modern styles. Capes are comfortable and chic for a much more casual Autumn/Winter look.

Shearling Coats- shearling coats are a failsafe trend for this winter. You can create sporty, urban, and energetic looks with shearling coats.

Shoulder Pads- shoulder pads are a signature 80’s trend with versatile potential. You can use them as a focal point in any outfit and create a bold, luxurious look for the holidays.

Neon- neon-coloured outfits are direct call for reaction and attention. They will be forceful enough to turn many heads, while still being stylish and trendy all season long.

Couture Tailoring- here is more evidence that we will draw heavily on various androgynous silhouettes. Tuxedo-like outfits will make a comeback for women.

Pop Feathers- it is a remembrance of the glamour of Hollywood’s golden era. Women shouldn’t hesitate to add bright feathers to any outfit this season.

Natural Tones- neutral-coloured and monochromatic outfits look great on any woman. Choose leather skirts or sand-coloured suits.

Wide Leg Trousers And Boots- women can add a funky spin to their look by tucking straight leg trousers into their boots.

Blue And Natural Tones- a combination of blue and natural tones will make women look more stunning this autumn and winter.

Statement Collars- statement collars will add some extra detail to your outfit and can be accommodated easily to unique individual styles.

Fuchsia- this trend will push women out of the neutral-coloured territory. It’s a bold personal statement for those cold autumn and winter days.

Enlarged Shoulders- it’s a part of the voluminous trend that’s been on the radar for a few months. They should give a sharp twist to geometric designs.

Bows- bows are not only for girls. You can combine this childhood-inspired element with daisy motifs and hair accessories.

Equestrian- the equestrian look is a way for women to look elegantly sporty this autumn and winter while still being warm and comfortable all season long.

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