LE LIFT Firming - Anti-Wrinkle Lip And Contour Care


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LE LIFT Lip and Contour Care helps restore the substance and density of the lips, leaving them smoother, fuller and plumper. Wrinkles and fine lines are gradually softened. The depth of nasolabial folds is reduced. This lip care has a soft, comfortable and melt-away texture, making lipstick easier to apply. At the heart of the formula: 3.5-DA,* the revolutionary active ingredient of the LE LIFT line with unprecedented firming action. This natural ingredient is effective on the essential anti-ageing mechanisms. Obtained in its purest and most concentrated form after 12 years of research,** it helps regulate the function of cells at the genetic level and adapts to the needs of each individual. *An exclusive ingredient developed for CHANEL based on a patented technology. In vitro tests. **Research conducted by a partner.

  • CHANEL LE LIFT Firming - Anti-Wrinkle Lip And Contour Care
  • Application: Morning and/or evening, apply to lips, lip contours and nasolabial folds. For best results, use the massage techniques presented in the leaflet included with the product.
  • 15ml

A customised anti-ageing skincare product that adapts to the background of your skin. Your lifestyle, emotions and environment influence the youthfulness and vitality of your skin even more than your genes do. LE LIFT Lip and Contour Care plumps lips and smoothes their contours. This lip care offers complete action on lips, lip contours and lip-contour lines for a redefined smile.

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