34 boulevard Saint-Germain hourglass diffuser 75ml


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  • diptyque hourglass diffuser
  • Fragrance: 34 boulevard Saint-Germain
  • 75ml

  • Please note:
  • The hourglass is designed to give a slow, gradual diffusion of fragrance – ideal for scenting small rooms or specific areas
  • The hourglass functions on a natural cold-diffusion process which allows it to diffuse a subtle scent in a localised area
  • Do not place the hourglass diffuser directly on a surface that could be damaged
  • Never interrupt the diffusion cycle as this can cause leaking. Once the cycle has finished, wait 15mins before turning the hourglass over
  • Tighten the glass pieces on a regular basis to ensure a good seal on the central part of the diffuser
  • Your hourglass can be refilled once with the same fragrance. This will last approx. three months (based on 2 cycles per day) until the fragrance evaporates completely

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