ZEISS CONQUEST HD 15x56 binoculars

£ 1,399.00

1 Colour
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HD lens system
Observe nature in high definition. The new HD lens system with its neutral colour reproduction and razor-sharp detail represents a visual experience that sets new standards in its class. The tried and tested Carl Zeiss T* multilayer coating ensures that the CONQUEST HD offers light transmission of 90 per cent plus -œ optimum requirements for impressive observation in twilight conditions.

Perfect ergonomics
Comfortable observation is not just a matter of lenses. Ergonomics plays a major role too -œ and this is where the CONQUEST HD, with its compact size and lightweight, modern design, truly comes into its own. The comfortable focus system with the large focusing wheel ensures easy handling, optimum grip and precise focusing even with gloves. The eyecups round off its ergonomic perfection. Slightly slanted, they are carefully aligned to aid observation comfort.

Extra-wide field of view
Enjoy effortless viewing even over long and relaxed observation periods. Whether you choose the CONQUEST HD 10x42 with the widest field of view in its class or the CONQUEST HD 8x42, both models guarantee detailed insights at long distances. Meanwhile, the CONQUEST HD 56mm models are the ideal companion for observing under challenging light conditions. They are very impressive, offering the widest fields of view and maximum brightness.

Innovative lens coating
Enjoy clear visibility in any weather and easy cleaning. The LotuTec coating ensures that water simply rolls off the lenses and dirt can be removed easily and gently without a trace.

Precision at close quarters
When observing at close quarters, you can rely on the highest precision. The new CONQUEST HD shows its strengths even up close. Whether you are watching birds, insects or butterflies, with the CONQUEST HD you will be able to identify every detail with impressively clear and neutral colour reproduction.

Made in Germany
A revolution in design, ergonomics and optics. The perfect 'Made in Germany' all-rounder combines ZEISS quality with state-of-the-art technology. The specially formed handling surface and the large focusing wheel make them easy to operate. Plus, these binoculars represent outstanding value for money. CONQUEST HD is the uncompromising entry into the ZEISS premium class.

Robust and precise
The CONQUEST HD is not only especially lightweight, but also extremely robust. Its housing is made of high quality aluminium. This provides maximum protection against external influences for its inner workings, and ensures the long term precision of the HD lens system. As a result, the CONQUEST HD is always a reliable companion, ready for use in any situation.

CONQUEST HD are 'Made in Germany' binoculars which combine traditional ZEISS quality with state-of-the-art technology. They are ideal for hunters, especially when observing from great distances. Thanks to the new HD lens system, the CONQUEST HD displays its strengths with optimal image quality and colour fidelity. The extra wide field of view ensures impressive viewing experiences, and the LotuTec coating provides clear visibility at all times. Transmission of 90 per cent plus allows for observation well into twilight. Last but not least, the ergonomic design, compact size and light weight make the CONQUEST HD your perfect companion in the field.