Mascara eccentrico

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The newest ingredient from Armani, the binding polymer, is a textured gel that allows Mascara Eccentrico‰۪s formula to adhere instinctively to lashes. Layering coats of mascara become easy, for instant extra fullness. The binding polymer is partnered with a soft wax, which creates a malleable texture for even lash coverage. The new brush is designed with cones arranged in staggered rows to further accentuate volume. This structure captures more mascara on the brush, and delivers flawless lash separation. Lashes are shaped, defined and lengthened one by one.

    • Giorgio Armani Mascara Eccentrico

    • Colours:
    • Obsidian black: a deep, pure and pigmented black
    • Wood: a sophisticated, naturally elegant brown
    • Armani Navy: the signature Armani blue
    • Rouge iron: inspired by the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer fashion show. Apply along the full length of the lashes for a truly distinctive statement

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