Isommelier smart decanter


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  • Advanced system guarantees that any wine will be served with a constant quality wherever in the world it is decanted
  • Rounds out tannins providing a smooth mouthfeel
  • Sublimes all aromas revealing the full potential of the wine
  • Prevents long exposure to damaging elements and ambient temperature
  • Preserves all the complex flavors and aromas released simultaneously during oxygenation

  • Molecular filters separate purified oxygen from ambient air
  • Patented glass decanter
  • Touch panel operation/ Digital display screen
  • Compatible for use with iFAVINE app
  • Mains operated
  • H27cm x W37cm x D24cm approx.

A sterling choice for oenophiles, the iSommelier Smart Decanter uses a revolutionary technology to bring wine appreciation into the 21st century. This controlled aeration device opens up wine faster, softens tannins and preserves flavour, achieving what takes years of precise cellaring in just a few minutes thanks to a highly concentrated oxygen stream that removes impurities and moisture odours. Designed with a touch panel and app compatibility, remote control functionality allows you to choose the perfect settings for your palette.

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