Hypn̫se Palette Matte

£ 38.00

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Create mesmerising eye looks with Lanc̫me's Hypn̫se Matte palette. Featuring a selection of fresh and natural shades in high-pigmented matte finishes, apply the eye shadow dry for blendable, buildable colour, or use wet for deeper colour intensity.

    • Lanc̫me Hypn̫se Palette Matte
    • How to use:
    • åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊStep 1: Using the sponge, apply Shade 1 all over the eyelid
      åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊStep 2: Apply Shade 2 underneath the brow bone with the flocked tip
      åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊStep 3: Wet the side of the flocked tip and line the eye contour using Shade 3
      åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊStep 4: Apply Shade 4 to the eye's external corner using the brush
      åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊStep 5: For added drama, apply Shade 5 to the internal corner of the eye using the sponge

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