Angel Himalayan bath salts 100g

£ 15.00

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  • Psychic Sisters Angel bath salts
  • 100g glass bottle
  • Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils, Crystal Gemstone, Dried Herbs
  • Moon Magic & Reiki Energised
  • Do not use products if pregnant, breast feeding or if sensitive to any of the ingredients
  • Keep away from eyes
  • Please be aware that these products are hand-made by Psychic Sisters, so some variation may occur

Renowned for its therapeutic, de-stressing and calming effects, a salt-filled soak makes for a great way to unwind. Hand-blended by the world-famous Psychic Sisters these bath salts come with an affirmation designed to de-clutter your mind. Blended with Himalayan salts, crystal gemstones and essentials oils, focus on this affirmation, "I am connected to my Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels", and continue to repeat ten times over in your mind.