Love Himalayan Bath Salts 100g

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  • Psychic Sisters Wish Himalayan Bath Salts
  • 100g
  • Directions: pour a handful into a warm bath and allow to dissolve. Do not add any soaps or chemical additives to your bath
  • Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils, Crystal Gemstone, Dried Herbs, Moon Magic & Reiki Energised. Moon Magic & Reiki Energised
  • This product is hand-made so some variation may occur

With a reputation unparalleled in the spiritual world, the Psychic Sisters have been practicing tarot, clairvoyance and reiki healing within Selfridges' walls for over 10 years. These hand-blended bath salts combine Himalayan salt with essential oils, wish gemstones and dried herbs. Pour a handful into a warm bath, step in and repeat the following affirmation ten times: "I am loved and happy".